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“ Seeing through people is merely a skill where as seeing people through is a higher purpose to live by”.

This is one mantra I had sincerely tried to imbibe over the years.  

Putting the mantra to active practice I have tried to live it  in many ways :

a)      As an Educationist – Founded a  pre- primary and primary school for the  under privileged children . The school has been running for seventeen years providing foundational education to the children of the locality, helping them Dream and prepare for great career options ahead.

b)      As a LOA trainer and Happiness Coach – Ongoing interactions with and providing support to working professionals as well as home makers in the journey towards achieving their Vision/ Dream  and Goals. I am privileged to learn as well,  in the pursuit of ‘ Their unique version of happiness’ .

c)        As a networker – Active dialogue with people from Diverse backgrounds engaging in interesting conversations and perspectives,  agreeing  on some occasions and agreeing to disagree on others. The conversations help Stimulate and Elevate my level of Consciousness and abilities.

I have done the Landmark forum and Advanced Course and I engage in
setting new Benchmarks for myself building on the learnings from each interaction.

I am Sangeeta Motupalli  born and brought up in the City of Nawabs ,  a hard core Hyderabadi at heart and proud to be one!   From a formal education standpoint , I  am a Double Post graduate (Msc,MEd).  I love being what I am an Educationist, Networker, Happiness Coach and all in love with the people interactions that these roles bring with them . I Dream and live my dream each day by living  these roles each day  and play my part in touching and transforming lives around.

I strongly Believe in the POWER of DREAM and I  believe I can enable People  to Dream ! and walk them through the journey of making their  DREAMS a REALITY.

At the Golden threshold of life I have lived the 5 Decades heartfully with and Among the People I loved most, drew great strength from my Parents, got immense support from the love of my life –  my Husband and  my Children. 

Blessed with Life’s best  manifesting in multitude of little joys, Embracing gracefully the Wisdom gained over the  year’s, I tick yet another Dream ,  by launching Happiiee Hearts and look forward to Being a Messenger /Angel in lives of as many  people as possible.


Sangeetha Motupalli[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]